PgDay EU 2012 recap

@Adobe, 06/11/2012

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PgDay Amsterdam

Hosted at Compagnie Theater

13th September, 2012

Simon Cross (@sicross)

Facebook state of mobile

Facebook state of mobile

The biggest mistake we made as a company was betting too much on HTML5 opposed to native. Because it wasn't just there.

Zuck, 11/9/2012

Facebook state of mobile

It's not that HTML5 is bad. I'm actually, on long-term, really excited about it.

Zuck, 11/9/2012


Facebook's problems are not everyone's problems.

Facebook state of mobile

We have more people on a daily basis using Facebook on the mobile Web than we have using our iOS + Android app

Facebook state of mobile

More focus on phonegap plugins and improvements of the mobile web.

FB drives traffic to you app/website (deep linking)

W3C CoreMob + RingMark benchmarks :
-> guess who's the first ?

Mobile web payments on native+web, except iOS :)

Horia Dragomir (@hrdragomir)

HTML5 game developer at Wooga

HTML5 mobile games

Player immersion

Perceived responsiveness

HTML5 mobile games

HTTP hates you
Application cache is a lie
Redraws hates you
Use raw javascript
Use direct selectors
Use CSS3 animations, and HW accel
Hammer.js is your friend

Take care of...

Paul Plaquette

Porting cordova to Tizen

Porting cordova to Tizen

Tizen is a cross platform open source HTML5 OS built with Linux and webkit and funded by Intel and Samsung.

Should be merged with Bada.

Phonegap now compatible with the Tizen ecosystem.

Samsung smartphones coming in Q2 2013

Ian Jorgensen (@ianjorgensen)

PhoneGap, Canvas & Urine

Piddle Phonegap application

Created during a 24h hackaton in Stockholm

A phonegap app to help urine analysis
  1. The patient pee in a cup
  2. Start the app, dip a strip
  3. Place the strip on a mat
  4. Take timed pictures
  5. Analysis, detection, results

Piddle phonegap application

How does it works


Matt Gifford (@coldfumonkeh)

Automating PhoneGap Build

Automating Phonegap Build

Phonegap Build = Cloud builder

  1. The API can create/delete projects
  2. The API allows upload/build/download/status
  3. Can link to Jenkins/Hudson
  4. Hydration project : no re-install, builtin app upgrades
  5. Can link to GitHub webhooks
  6. Plugins coming soon

Commiters Panel (@phonegap)

Adobe, RIM, IBM, Google, Intel

Phonegap Commiters Panel


Phonegap Commiters Panel


Phonegap Commiters Panel


Brian Leroux (@brianleroux)

Phonegap Future

Phonegap Future

Thanks contributors

See who's missing ?

Project goals

Web = 1st class citizen dev platform

Phonegap goal is to cease to exist.

Contribute Cordova

Very liberal Apache 2 licence

Learn how to contribute and help

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Phonegap platform Roadmap

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